About Jill

Jill E. Kelly

Jill E. Kelly is a self-taught jewelry designer and the sole-proprietor of JillErin Essentials. She is a Jewelry Designer, Aromatherapist, and Yoga Teacher in Clayton, NC. Having been designing jewelry for over 28 years, she started broadening her vision. About seven years ago, she started on her journey for learning about aromatherapy, and became a Certified Aromatherapist Practitioner. In the past couple years during the pandemic, Jill became a certified Yoga teacher and gained in total over 300 hours of YTT(Yoga Teacher Training). Jill's studies for YTT included working with 20 fellow students all over the world. 100 hours in training was studying Teen Yoga, one of her interests to drive her to bring yoga into her business. Now, Jill offers 3 classes at her studio, JE Yoga Loft, where Pre-Teen and Teen Yoga classes happen each week. Another class is her Adult Beginner flow on Saturday mornings.

When she first began designing jewelry, she was using beads and string, and now creates pieces using silver, oxidized silver, and gold-filled wire. Jill combines these metals with freshwater pearls, gems, swarovski crystals, and other fine materials. She has combined her two interests, and now offers aromatherapy bracelets, as well. Drawing inspiration from her love of nature, the ocean, and organics, Jill uses wire wrapping and hammering techniques to create one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. Her aromatherapy bracelets include many different fine wooden beads, such as cherry, tiger, walnut, silk, rosewood, gemstones, crystals, as well as a custom engraved wooden charm. Described as “light and airy,” Jill’s creations appear delicate, yet are designed and constructed with durability in mind.

Her aromatherapy practice targets wellness and balance. Jill has her own line of 100% pure oils. These essentials oils come with purity reports and have been third-party tested. Essential oils can support people to relax, release stress, energize, uplift, and even help with certain ailments, such as; COPD, depression, allergies, cancer, etc. While not a medical doctor, she can advise you as to which oils are best suited to supplement your medical treatment.

Born in Boston, and spending much of her life in New England, Jill moved south to North Carolina in 2008 with her husband and two children. Her daughter, Kyra, and son, Quinlan, are big supporters and help out when needed. Her husband hand-creates her aromatherapy bar and jewelry display units. He also is a big helping hand when it comes to vending events. When not making jewelry, Jill loves spending quality-time with her family and friends, watching waves ripple through the NC ocean, having a great IPA at local breweries. and soaking up the love of her community!